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'Ankle Deep'

The debut EP release from Flora Falls. 

'Figments of Love'

After watching a mutual friend go through the trauma of leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, Flora Falls asked the question, what makes a person stay? There is a deep internal struggle when you know a relationship is dysfunctional, but you continue to recognise and experience moments of beauty, vulnerability and tenderness...the figments of love.

The release was accompanied by a monologue written by Lainey Molloy using the stories of people who had experienced abusive relationship. Watch here

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'To Home, From Berlin'

(a Christmas song for 2020) 

While coming to terms with not having the option to travel home to Australia and Canada for Christmas, we wrote a song relevant for 2020, wishing our loved ones at home a Merry Christmas.

Written and recorded within weeks, it became a global music project when expats from around the world sent clips featuring messages to their loved ones for the music video. 

If you know someone who can't spend Christmas with their family this year, or have been stuck in another part of the world due to Covid, we hope this song brings them some comfort that they are not alone. 

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'Wake Up'

'Wake up' is the debut single from Flora Falls. The song blends Brea Robertson (AUS) and Dominique Fricot's (CAN) unique, powerful voices as they tell a story of dwindling love. The delicate harmonies and minimal instrumentation take listeners on a journey through memory, love and longing. 

Since the release, 'Wake Up' has been chosen as Indie Folk Central's Song of the Week and featured in Indie Folk Central's Beautiful Calmness playlist. The renowned music blog Conversations About Her also posted about the release, writing that 'emotional single’s meaningful lyrics are set to capture your heart straight away'. 


'Where the Grass

Grows High'


Where the Grass Grows High was inspired by the realisation that life can easily get in the way of what’s important. Amidst our busy lives we need to be intentional about putting time and effort into the relationships we value, and prioritise adventures into the wild where nothing can disturb you.


Featured on Spotify's editorial playlist Van Life. 

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