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Both passionate singer-songwriters who had relocated to Berlin in recent years, Brea and Dom met at an Open Stage in 2019. After admiring each other's solo work, they scheduled the songwriting session that would be the catalyst of Flora Falls. The connection, both musical and personal, was immediate, and their two voices paired perfectly.


Shortly after, Flora Falls premiered their first songs at Berlin’s songwriter hub Kindl Stuben. Many in the audience were deeply touched, including artist/producer Lucas Laufen, who immediately offered to produce their first EP. ‘Ankle Deep’ was released in 2021 and turned heads with its raw and minimalistic production, accentuating the duo’s honesty and vulnerability.

On Flora Falls’ upcoming EP ‘Hidden from You’, the duo have not only delved into more personal and vulnerable themes, they’ve developed and refined their sound. Having laid the groundwork through their previous release and extensive touring, Flora Falls are currently releasing five new brutally honest and hauntingly beautiful songs. More instruments have been added, new themes have been reflected upon, and songs have been taken in new directions. Their recent releases are making waves, having been featured in Der Kultur Blog and Music Headquarter online magazine, on Spotify's Indie Brand Neu playlist, and played on Flux FM and other radio stations across Grrmany and Europe.


With traces of the soft and bittersweet influence of Sufjan Stevens and Leif Vollebekk, the wink and anger of Phoebe Bridgers, and the tragic comedy of The National, Flora Falls continue to craft a beautiful sound of their own.

Flora Falls surprised me immensely. There have been very few times that I’ve heard such a comfortable connection between a duo. I assumed Brea and Dom had been playing for years not months, affirming my immediate instinct to want to work with them. The new single “Wake Up” was an absolute dream to record and produce. I basically just pressed record and let them carry the energy from the room, through the microphones and into the digital world. It’s really rare that recording days are so blissfully easy and the end result is so wonderfully intact to the original performance." 

Lucas Laufen (Singer/Songwriter + Producer)
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