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Brea and Dom’s musical journey began under the vibrant Berlin sky, where fate brought them together at an Open Stage in 2019. After admiring each other’s solo work as singer-songwriters, they scheduled a songwriting session and took their first steps to becoming Flora Falls. Since then, this dynamic duo has embarked on an inspiring quest to discover their unique sound, captivating audiences with their undeniable chemistry. Their music is an intimate embrace, revealing deep emotions, sometimes with a refreshing touch of humor, and inviting listeners on a voyage of vulnerability and authenticity. Their first EP, ‘Ankle Deep’, was released in 2021, and turned heads with its raw and minimalistic production. 

On May 26th, Flora Falls unveiled their second EP, ‘Hidden from You’, delving into more personal themes while refining their sound to explore new depths. The EP has been making waves, featured in Der Kultur Blog and Music Headquarter online magazine, on Spotify's Indie Brand Neu playlist, and broadcasted on Flux FM as well as various other radio stations across Germany and Europe.


Brea and Dom’s performances effortlessly bridge the gap between artist and audience, delivering shows that are both compelling and genuine.They continue to carve a path through the landscape of indie folk, transporting listeners to a realm where stories come alive, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds.

Flora Falls surprised me immensely. There have been very few times that I’ve heard such a comfortable connection between a duo. I assumed Brea and Dom had been playing for years not months, affirming my immediate instinct to want to work with them. The new single “Wake Up” was an absolute dream to record and produce. I basically just pressed record and let them carry the energy from the room, through the microphones and into the digital world. It’s really rare that recording days are so blissfully easy and the end result is so wonderfully intact to the original performance." 

Lucas Laufen (Singer/Songwriter + Producer)
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