While Dominique Fricot was relocating to Europe to pursue a career with his band Folk Road Show, Brea Robertson was establishing herself as a solo singer/songwriter, playing intimate Living Room Concerts across Europe. When the two met at an Open Stage in Berlin early 2019, they would schedule the songwriting session that would lay the groundwork for what would soon become Flora Falls


With both artists bringing years of experience working in harmony driven projects, their two heartfelt voices immediately found a natural blend. After premiering their originals at Berlin’s songwriter hub of Kindl Stuben, artist/producer Lucas Laufen approached the duo interested in recording their first studio effort. 


As Brea and Dom’s collaborative songwriting uncovers matters of the heart, their captivating harmonies and honest lyrics inspire feelings of nostalgia, as they take listeners on a journey through memory, love and longing. At the heart of every song is a story that explores the depths of our daily struggles, emphasising the different layers of conflict that are hidden in our lives. 


With a sound reminiscent of artists like Angus and Julia Stone and The Civil Wars, Flora Falls makes no attempt to hide themselves behind layers of production. Their sound is raw and minimalistic, accentuating the duo’s honesty and vulnerability. 

"flora falls surprised me immensely. There have been very few times that I’ve heard such a comfortable connection between a duo. I assumed Brea and Dom had been playing for years not months, affirming my immediate instinct to want to work with them. The new single “Wake Up” was an absolute dream to record and produce. I basically just pressed record and let them carry the energy from the room, through the microphones and into the digital world. It’s really rare that recording days are so blissfully easy and the end result is so wonderfully intact to the original performance." 

Lucas Laufen (Singer/Songwriter + Producer)

flora falls