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Both passionate singer-songwriters who had relocated to Berlin in recent years, Brea and Dom met at an Open Stage in 2019. After admiring each other's solo work, they scheduled the songwriting session that would be the catalyst of Flora Falls. The connection, both musical and personal, was immediate, and their two voices paired perfectly. Flora Falls are currently releasing five new brutally honest and hauntingly beautiful songs. More instruments have been added, new themes have been reflected upon, and songs have been taken in new directions.

"It’s a rare feat that a song manages to be funky and dreamy at the same time. ‘Escape’ achieves this with ease. The harmonies Flora Falls weave together in this song move effortlessly from haunting to joyful. Only when you consider that ‘Escape’ is about profoundly felt loss, and the pain of letting go, does the song’s impact truly hit you."

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